There are two craft beer options in the Capital Region, with the best and worst of them in mind.

Capital Craft Brewery and Capital Brewing Company are two of the best in the city, with both making beer that will leave you wanting more.

Both breweries offer great tasting beers with a touch of seasonal flavor.

Capital Brewing is located in the heart of the Downtown area and it’s well known for its beer.

It’s a bit pricey but if you want to try some really good craft beer, the Capital is definitely worth checking out.

Capital Brew is a bit smaller but the quality is good and it offers great food and wine options.

They also have a great selection of beer and wines.

Capital is the only brewery in the area to offer its beer in cans and it also has some amazing seasonal beers.

CapitalCraft Brewery has two brews in cans, and it can be found at most bars in the downtown area.

There’s also a bottle shop that sells cans.

Capital craft beer is very expensive and they can sell it in small, limited quantities.

The only beer in a can is their very limited barrel aged imperial stout.

They’re also known for their seasonal beers, which include a beer that’s aged in oak barrels for months.

The brewpub at The Waterfront has two breweries on tap and they also have two small bottle shops.

Capital Brewery and the Waterfront have a good selection of beers and some of the better beer is available on tap.

If you like your beer to be cold and fresh, they also offer a lot of small bottle stores and the small tap is a great place to sample different styles of beer.

The Water Front is a little more expensive, but it’s worth it for the atmosphere and the food.

Capital’s brewpub also has a great menu and they offer a wide variety of wines.

They offer a few beers that are available in cans but they also produce a lot more craft beers in bottles.

Capital has a large beer garden and the best part is the food is delicious.

It also has craft beer available on draft.

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