Posted October 14, 2018 06:53:11The 10 Best craft beer bars in America. 

Each bar offers a different type of beer, from light lagers and ales to hoppy sours and session beers. 

The beer lists are broken down by state, with beers from California and Washington being the most popular, followed by New York and Oregon. 

But don’t be fooled by the names. 

These bars are the places where you can try some of the best craft beers in the country, regardless of your background. 

If you’re looking for a casual spot to enjoy some craft beer and eat a bite to eat, you’ve come to the right place.Read more  Here are 10 of the top beer bars around the country. 

(via The Beer Smashers) 1.

The Flying Pig (Washington, DC) The Flying Pig is a classic, classic bar that serves great food.

It’s not the place to get the best beer, but it’s the place where you’ll find the best. 

It’s a casual bar with a great atmosphere and a great menu. 

Its got beer on tap and plenty of local craft beer. 


Oskar Blues (Boston, MA) Ock’s Brewery, which is owned by Oskar Brewing, is a favorite of the Boston Beer scene. 

Their signature beer, the Pilsner, is known as a favorite among fans of all types of beer.

The Ok’s brewpub has more than 50 taps, and the brewery also has a rotating line of taps for specialty beer.


Nachos and Tic Tacos (Seattle, WA) Nacho Cheese and Toc Tacos is a popular spot for the Seattle beer scene.

The two-story bar is open from 6 p.m. to midnight. 


Dish Network’s Cider & Liqueur (Chicago, IL) Corktown’s Denny’s has long been the neighborhood watering hole for Chicagoans. 

Citrus-flavored ciders are popular here. 


La Grange (San Francisco, CA) LaGrange has been in the neighborhood since 1929. 

“It’s not just a bar,” says owner and brewmaster, John LaGrange.

“La Granges history goes back to the 1890s when the first beer was brewed there.” 

La grange is a cozy little bar with beer on draft.

It has a long list of craft beers, including some that are not on the menu.


Kroger’s (Atlanta, GA) Kropers is one of the most sought-after bars in Atlanta.

It opened in the 1940s and still has a loyal following. 


Beer & Honey (Philadelphia, PA) Located in a neighborhood that is very close to the city center, Beer & Honey has a large beer selection and a cozy atmosphere. 


Brewery Ommegang (New York, NY) Brewer Ommegis is a craft beer purveyor with locations across the United States.

It started in Chicago, and it’s become the number one craft beer bar in the nation, with more than a dozen craft beers on tap. 


El Camino (Los Angeles, CA, San Diego) El camino is an amazing place to try craft beer in Los Angeles.

It is home to a popular bar and taproom, and you can even take your pick of local beer.


Wendy’s  (Seattle) Wen’s is a Seattle institution that serves up tasty food, and there are plenty of craft beer options here.


Jalapeno’s (Chicago, Illinois) Jawbone is one Chicago-based craft beer brand that is popular in Chicago. 


Mellow Mushroom  Meadow Hill Brewing Co. is an Austin-based beer-making company.

It began in 2003 and now operates over 200 locations throughout the United State. 


Pappy Van Winkle’s Beer Bar (Boston, Massachusetts) This Boston brewery is known for their signature porter and wheat beers.

It was a favorite in the city of Boston, and its got a large selection of craft brews.


Sugarcreek  Sugar Cane Brewing Co., The only craft brewery in Maine, is located in Sugarcreek, a small town in central Maine. 


Fuzzy Pete’s (Portland, OR) Portland’s FuzzyPete’s is one-of-a-kind in the Northwest. 

This is a small bar with over 80 taps that have great beer selection, and good food. 


Hogman Lake Brewing Co (Portland

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