Crafts is a one-man band in a band.

A former writer for MTV’s “Vegas Live,” he now runs his own production company, The Crafts Band, and a new book, “The Crafts Book: A Guide to Making Everything from the Mind of a Star Wars Character,” was released in October.

And Crafts was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the new book.

We’re not exactly the biggest fans of ‘Star Trek,’ so I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the things we’ve been doing, the ideas we’re trying to get out of the franchise, the challenges we’ve had trying to bring these things to life.

We’re going to talk a little bit about the movies and some of those concepts, but we’ve never really done anything like this before.

But we’re definitely trying to do something a little different.

What were you trying to accomplish in making ‘The Craft of the Galactic Empire’?

We’ve been very ambitious with the books.

There are many ways you can think of it, but it’s basically the same idea.

It’s like a book that you buy and read a few times, then you’re like, “Oh, I’ve never read this before, I guess I’m gonna get this book for free.”

We’ve done this a few different ways, but this one has the core idea of trying to tell a story that is all about characters and relationships.

I think people want to understand what it’s like to have a romantic relationship with someone, and it’s very similar to the way a writer or director tells a story.

And we want to tell that story with our characters and what they’re going through.

What’s their journey?

Is it something that they’ve had to endure?

What’s the best way to bring that to life?

We’re definitely going to explore that.

We had this idea of the “Star Wars” movies.

We’ve never done it like that before.

We actually have a script written, but what we really want to do is try to do it in a way that it fits the canon of the books, which is why we had a script that was just like a guidebook to the movies, like, what’s the deal with the first movie?

What is it?

We really wanted to do a way where it didn’t have to be a big story about who this character is.

We were going to do all of this stuff as a one story, and that was our main goal.

So we were trying to be very creative with the story.

What are they doing?

What are their secrets?

What do they look like?

So we wanted to be as true to the canon as possible, so we were writing a lot about the characters and their relationships.

What is their life like?

What does it mean to them?

What can they do?

What kind of things are they afraid of?

How can they get their way?

What did they grow up like?

And how can they relate to this new generation of characters?

We wanted to find those answers and really dig deep into it.

I’ve read the first draft, and I’ve always loved the way the writers have been able to tell these stories with so much complexity.

So it’s really exciting to go into this with so many layers of character and so many different stories to tell.

How do you think the movie version is going to play out?

The way we’ve always thought about this franchise is that we’re going back to a time when there was so much more freedom, but you had to be kind of a hero, and you had so much freedom in how you handled your emotions and what you were willing to do.

The story was always about a hero.

You were supposed to be the hero.

And now it’s the hero’s job to bring the people together, which means that you have to get to know them.

It feels like the universe has given us a way to do this.

And this movie is going through that.

It is very much a love story.

We are a little lost in the Star Wars universe and it feels like we’re in the middle of a love triangle.

It kind of feels like an adventure story, a kind of family drama, and we want people to experience that.

But that’s just the way that we have always imagined this franchise.

What do you make of all the controversy surrounding ‘The Last Jedi’ as far as its impact on the franchise?

I’m not really surprised.

There was a lot of concern in the ’90s, and now that the ‘last’ is coming, it’s just a new twist.

But it’s also something that we feel that we’ve brought together, and there’s a lot to talk through and talk about.

But the thing is, there’s no denying that this is a new movie and we’re very excited to be working on this next film. So that’s

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