It’s Halloween, and children are loving it, even if the costumes are a little more childish than usual. 

In a new survey, The Wall St. Journal found that parents love to give their kids costumes, even though most don’t always share their kids’ interests.

The survey also found that kids love to take on roles they have never played before. 

According to the survey, one in three parents told a story about a character they wanted to play in their own costume, which was “fun, silly and really cute.”

And parents are also eager to make a child’s character appear in their Halloween costume, the survey found. 

“My son was thrilled when I gave him a costume from his favorite movie, Star Wars, which is a huge part of his childhood,” said Jennifer Pomerantz, who runs her daughter’s preschool, where her two sons are both in preschool. 

Pomerantz said she also wants her boys to dress up and play in the same costumes that their mom and dad have.

“The best part of this is that they get to be as cool as they want to be,” she said. 

The survey was conducted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in collaboration with The Wall Streets Journal. 

While parents are eager to share their children’s Halloween costumes, the study also found they want their children to be able to take advantage of some of the most popular costumes for kids in popular entertainment, fashion and toys. 

Kids like to wear clothespincrafts, which are handmade items that kids can use to decorate their homes, the AP reported.

Kids can also create their own outfits and wear them to Halloween parties and special events. 

Halloween is the best time to get kids dressed, the authors of the survey said, adding that kids should spend time dressing up and learning about their favorite activities, like cooking, music, crafts, and other activities.

“We want to teach our children the values of family, fun, responsibility, and kindness,” Pomerants said.

“That includes the ability to dress as a character or dress as an animal.

If we don’t have that, our children won’t learn those values.”

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