Posted March 05, 2020 14:23:08Ben Franklin was a self-made man.

His first painting, a masterpiece of eighteenth-century Dutch art, sold for a whopping £3,000, and he became the wealthiest man in the world.

But how did this young artist end up selling his first artwork for £3m?

We know that Ben Franklin’s first paintings were made in London, where he was born and raised, but this week we know the real story behind his first sale.

Ben Franklin’s father was a master craftsman, and his mother was a skilled painter.

He was born in 1627, the same year that King Charles II died, and the family lived in what is now a modest house at Southwark’s Royal Pavilion, a colonial mansion with a huge garden and garden terraces.

Ben’s father, John Franklin, was born on August 23, 1636, in the village of Duxford, in Kent, England.

Franklin’s mother, Martha, died in the year after she gave birth to him.

Ben and Martha lived with their father, who worked in a shoe factory and was also a skilled artist.

In fact, his most famous portrait, which is known as the ‘Lovers Arms’, depicts Franklin with his hand resting on the shoulders of two women who are holding hands.

The portrait is a poignant portrait of Franklin’s love for women.

He is looking at his wife, Martha.

He is not alone in his love of women, nor does he consider himself a man who loves women.

Franklin describes his first love, the love of his life, as ‘the most beautiful and most beautiful girl ever seen in my life’.

The painting is named after Martha’s second husband, Thomas Franklin.

Thomas Franklin, who had been a friend of Franklin, bought a painting from the artist, and was inspired to make it his own.

Ben, who was very interested in the painting’s history, started writing about it in his diary.

He began to look into the history of his painting and the history around it, and realised that it had been created by someone who was an outsider to the art world.

He decided to publish it in 1806.

This discovery sparked a new interest in the history behind the painting.

Benjamin Franklin had previously been a painter, and many people, including his brother, were aware of his talent for creating portraits.

In 1803, he purchased a painting by a local artist called Thomas K. Broughton.

In his diary, Benjamin Franklin wrote that he was delighted with his new purchase, and decided to buy another one.

He went back and bought a second painting, and it too was named after him.

In the 1830s, Franklin’s painting of the Virgin Mary was among the most famous paintings in Europe.

It was also the subject of much controversy, with critics criticising it for depicting the Virgin’s head, which they argued was too close to her breasts.

In 1840, he bought a portrait of a young girl named Lucy, who is believed to be the inspiration for his famous portrait.

The two women in the portrait are both sisters, and they are shown holding hands and sharing their lips.

Lucy’s mother is a teacher and Franklin’s great-grandmother was a nurse.

This is the story of how this painting was created.

Benjamin Franklin was not the only artist to buy a painting for himself.

Artists like George Eliot, and other artists, also bought portraits of themselves for personal use.

In fact, the painting of his first portrait sold for £5,000 in 1831.

In his diary on the subject, Benjamin wrote that this was the most valuable painting he had ever seen, and that it was “worth far more than I can possibly give.”

It was also one of Franklin ‘s first significant works of art.

Franklin made the portrait as part of a commission for the King Charlesian Royal Academy, an art school at Westminster Abbey.

The painting was made for the academy’s students to look at, and for the painting to be displayed in the school’s private rooms.

The school was run by John Winthrop, a man known for his eccentric and sometimes violent style of teaching.

In this painting, Benjamin sits next to his father, with his hands on his knees and his head bowed, as he holds his portrait of his wife and children in his arms.

Benjamin was a good student, and this painting shows him to be a good pupil.

His second portrait, however, was a more serious and serious portrait of himself.

The painting was commissioned by a man called Thomas Davenport.

It is an early portrait, and Franklin was quite happy to have it made for him.

He wanted to paint the portrait himself.

Thomas Davenfield was a famous artist, famous for his paintings of the Barbary Coast.

Benjamin had a passion for Davenfields work, and wrote to him to ask if he would be interested in buying

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