Posted April 14, 2019 06:02:06The new remake of the movie ‘The Conjuring’ has been announced.

The new movie is based on the cult classic horror film and stars Katherine Waterston as a witch and John Carroll Lynch as a paranormal investigator.

It will be released on August 15, 2019.

Director Sam Raimi said in a statement the new film would follow the original story “from beginning to end”.

“The Conjure 2 is about the first and last of our world-famous supernatural entities, and the first-person narration gives us the feeling of a storyteller on a stage, and our characters are actors.

The cast is a great mix of all ages and abilities, and is the kind of cast that can be as engaging as the actors,” he said.

In the original, the main characters of the first movie, played by David Bowie, Sam (Bowie) and Derry (Vincent Cassel) are brought back for a second outing in the second film.

But after a series of bad luck, the Conjuring 2 will focus on the main character, Jack (Maddie Ziegler) instead.

Raimi, who also directed the remake of ‘The Last Airbender’ last year, said the original was a huge hit and the sequel will follow the same story.

“Our world is being shaken by the paranormal and the supernatural, and this is the second chapter in the tale of Jack and Darryl.

They’re the two most powerful beings in the world, and when they die, there’s nothing left to save,” he explained.

Jack and Daryll, who were in the first film, are the main antagonists of the remake.

What are your thoughts on the new remake?

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