There’s no denying that craft beer is one of the most exciting things about the city of Chicago.

But the city’s craft beer scene is still evolving, and there are a few spots to get the most out of it.

We spoke to the people who make craft beer in the city about their favorite spots, what they’re working on, and what they think is a future in the craft beer world.

Here’s what we learned about Chicago’s craft breweries, the craft scene in general, and where you can find them:1.

The Craft Beer Club The (and the Chicago Brewmasters Society) started out as a way to connect beer lovers.

Now, it’s a hub for the entire city.

They offer events, competitions, and more.

They also serve up beers like the Porter and the Amber Lager, which are made with real malts and are the only beers brewed in Chicago with those two ingredients.2.

Craft Beer FestivalsThe Chicago Brewmaster’s Society (CBOS) was founded in 2012 by the Chicago Brewers Guild (CGB) and is a nonprofit that promotes beer culture in the Chicago area.

The festival runs every other year.

The CBOS brings the craft community together and helps spread the word about the craft and brewing.3.

CraftBeerfest The craft beer festival is hosted by The Chicago Craft Brewers Guild.

The event is a showcase for craft breweries in the region and around the country.

The main event is the International Beer & Ale Festival (IBEF) which brings together beer enthusiasts from around the world to experience craft beer.4.

Beer on the StreetsBeer on the streets is a great way to get a taste of the city and see a brewery and brewery-adjacent.

The events are free and you can try any craft beer you want.

Some events offer beer tastings in the streets and some don’t.

The beers are all good, so be sure to try a few.5.

Chicago Craft Beer Festival Chicago’s own Craft Beer festival is called Craft Beerfest.

The 2018 festival runs May 10-18.

You can find the list of breweries and tastings here.6.

The Beer Garden The BeerGarden is a wonderful place to get your hands on a beer or two and see the sights of Chicago, a great place to try new brews.

The site offers beer-inspired meals, live music, and other activities.

You should also check out the brewery tasting program.7.

Chicago Breweries Chicago has some great brewers, but not many that people think of when they think of craft breweries.

The Chicago Brewers Association (CBAA) is a group of brewers that represent breweries around the Chicago-area.

CBAA is a part of the Brewers Guild, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth of craft beer throughout the United States.

CBAs beers are brewed by the same people who create the beers, and the beers are mostly made with local ingredients.

The breweries are also supported by local breweries, which gives them a strong local connection.8.

The Great Chicago Beer FestivalChicago has its own beer festival.

This is the largest craft beer event in the world.

You’ll find more than 20,000 breweries participating, and they’re all participating for different reasons.

You don’t necessarily have to be a craft beer fan to participate in the festival, but it’s nice to see what Chicago has to offer.

The goal is to bring together people who love craft beer and are interested in the local beer scene.9.

The National Beer Festival The is the official beer festival in the U.S. The two biggest festivals are the Great American Beer Festival (GWBF) in August and the Great Chicago Brew Festival (GBCF) in November.

It’s also the only one that focuses on beer and not spirits.

The GWBF is an annual event that has the same theme as the Great Beer Festival.

You might not realize it at first, but the National Beer Celebration is an important event in America.

You get to sample hundreds of different beer brands from all over the country, including craft beers.10.

Chicago Beer ToursChicago Beer Tours is the most popular tour in Chicago, and it offers tours in the neighborhoods surrounding the breweries.

It is also the best way to meet and talk to brewers.

You won’t be disappointed.11.

Beer-Inspired Tours Chicago is home to some of the best craft beer bars in the country and the best places to get to taste craft beer from all around the globe.

We know what you’re thinking: “Why is Chicago home to craft beer?”

Because there are so many great places to enjoy beer in Chicago.12.

The Big Dog Beer FestChicago is home for craft beer fans, and Big Dog Brewing Company (BFBC) is one that you can’t miss.

The brewery is the flagship of the Chicago Craft Brewer Guild, and has become a staple for Chicagoans. There’s a

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