Craft beer has taken over the US craft beer industry, and we’ve compiled a list of the best breweries in the country.

As you can see, craft beer is getting more popular and more expensive every year.

The good news is, craft breweries are getting more craft beer, and they’re getting better and better.

And they’re not getting any younger.

Here’s what we learned about these craft breweries from last year.


Craft Beer is Getting More Popular And More Expensive Each Year Craft beer is becoming more popular, and it’s getting more expensive.

This means that more people are getting into the industry.

The average beer bottle sold per capita in 2016 was about $21.25, up from $18.70 in 2015.

This has meant that the industry has more people and more money to spend.

Craft beer isn’t just about the beer.

There are a lot of great craft beers out there.

The biggest selling craft beer brands in 2016 were The Bruery, Founders, and Sierra Nevada.

It’s no secret that breweries are trying to expand their offerings.

Founders, for example, has been making more craft beers in the past year than ever before.

So do all of these breweries have a shot at becoming craft beer’s biggest name?

Well, it depends.

There’s always the possibility that a brewery gets its own flagship brewery or an independent craft beer label.

But with each new craft brewery comes more competition for the craft beer drinkers that are already loyal to their favorite breweries.

But don’t worry.

Craft beers aren’t dying.

In fact, there are several breweries on the horizon that are bringing craft beer to the masses.

The top 10 most popular craft breweries in 2016 included: Alesmith Brewing Co., The Bruichladdich, Great Lakes Brewing Co. The Blue Point Brewery, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, The Lost Abbey, Sierra Nova Brewing Co The Hill Farmstead Brewing Co..

The list goes on and on.

We’ve compiled our list of these craft beers based on what we know about them.

We also looked at which breweries had the biggest impact on the craft craft beer market, both in sales and revenue.

This list isn’t perfect, because it doesn’t account for everything that happened with the craft breweries.

It also doesn’t take into account things like price or quality.

So you might think that the beer you’re drinking is going to be better, or even better than the beer that you’ve already had.

But it’s really hard to judge which of these beers is going a better place because there’s so much more to the craft brewing process than just beer.

And that’s where our craft beer rankings come in. 

For each of these brands, we looked at how much of their sales was from the same area, or in other words, how much beer was sold there in the same year.

In this way, we can look at how many breweries are competing with each other for consumers and revenue, and how much their beer is going up or down.

We’re also trying to compare craft beer prices to the other big beer brands, and craft beer sales and prices are always a rough measure of beer quality. 

We also looked for breweries with some of the biggest beer brands like Stone Brewing, Coors Light, and Lagunitas.

There is a lot to be said for those brands, which are both big names in the industry and the main competitors in this industry.

Here are the most popular breweries in craft beer in 2016.

Alesmith Brewery, ColoradoAlesmais Brewing Co.: $20 millionAlescraft, New MexicoAlesmash Brewing Co: $13 millionBlue Point Brewery: $11 millionThe Lost Abbey Brewery, Virginia: $8 millionThe Hill Farmststead Brewing Company, Pennsylvania: $6 millionSierra Nevada Brewing Company: $5 millionThe Sierra Nevada Brewery, New York: $4.5 millionGreat Lakes Brewing Company : $4 millionThe Stone Brewing Co.; New Jersey: $3 millionGreat Divide Brewing Company and Brewpub, California: $2 millionPrairie Artisan Ales, Wisconsin: $1 millionStone Brewing Co./ The BruisbruichlADDICHlADDCHAdler Brothers Brewing Company(s)Alesman Brothers Brewery (s)Bruery, BelgiumBruch Brewery, BelgiumSierra Nova Brewing Company (s), New YorkAles Brewing Co.- New MexicoSierra Blanca Brewing Co (s); New Mexico: $750,000Blue Point Brewing Co.– New MexicoBruich Brewing Co- Colorado: $675,000Sierra Vista Brewing Co– California; New Mexico; South Dakota: $475,000The Hill Brewing Co.— TexasAlesha Brewing Co.(s)Coors Light Brewing Co:(s) Founders Brewing Co; Ohio: $375,000Great Lakes Brewery- Michigan(s)– Illinois(s): $375 and

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