The craft supplies store is now offering craft sticks to help you get your holiday shopping in gear.

The Christmas Craft sticks are handmade by a group of crafts people, including a photographer, a painter, and a videographer. 

They have been designed to be easy to carry around with you and the Christmas spirit. 

This craft sticks are available for $2.99 and come with all the craft supplies you’ll need to decorate the tree. 

You’ll need: 1.1 lb. of sugar, 1 tsp.

vanilla extract, 2 tbsp.

coconut oil, 1 tbsp.

butter, 2 oz. chocolate chips, 1/2 cup of sugar. 

2.1 oz. of chocolate, 1 cup of honey, 1 1/4 tsp.

baking powder, 1 packet of chia seeds. 

3.1 cups of almond flour. 

1 cup of flour for dusting. 

Instructions: Start by taking the 1 lb of sugar and 2 tsp.

of vanilla extract out of a can of condensed milk and mixing it in with your hands. 

Add your coconut oil and butter to the can and mix until it comes together and becomes a ball. 

With your hands, rub the sugar into the sugar ball and coat it well. 

Gently roll the ball of sugar into a circle, pressing it together to form a triangle. 

Use your fingertips to gently press the sugar down into the center of the triangle, pressing down until it is coated with the icing. 

Continue rolling the sugar circle in the icing until it forms a circle and forms a dome shape. 

Once the circle is done, use your hands to lightly press down on the inside of the circle until it starts to come together. 

Then, gently pull the icing out from the center. 

Allow the icing to dry completely and then sprinkle the remaining 1 cup flour over the top of the sugar.

Let the sugar sit for 10 minutes before rolling the candy into the circle. 

Place the candy in the freezer to cool. 

To decorate your tree, take your decorations and lay them out in a circle around your tree.

Cut the candy circle in half and place the candy circles in the center for the decorations.

Once the candy has dried, use a brush to carefully paint on the candy with your finger tips, using the tip to gently brush the icing on. 

After the candy is completely dry, take a clean kitchen towel and gently wipe off the icing and sugar.

Then, carefully brush the candy over the decorations and repeat the process with the remaining sugar.

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