By JENNIFER DOUGLAS-NORRISA The Southern Craft Bbq festival at the Capitol in Washington is coming up in less than two weeks, and organizers have a lot of exciting news to share about the weekend’s festivities.

The first-ever Southern Craft bbqueses are being held at the historic site of the original Capitol building in downtown Washington on Saturday and Sunday.

The event is sponsored by the Southern Food Council and the National Farm Bureau Federation.

The event is open to the public, and is scheduled for Saturday and Saturday evening.

It is a four-day event.

You can expect more details to come soon.

On Sunday, Southern Craft attendees can expect to enjoy barbecue, traditional music, live music and more.

You’re also invited to the Food Council’s Southern Food Summit on Saturday.

Southern Craft BBQ is part of the annual Southern Craft Festival, a free, one-day celebration that brings the community together and celebrates all things Southern.

The festival celebrates the history of the state’s Southern food traditions and the culinary diversity of the South.

The Southern Food Forum is a part of this year’s festival.

The Southern Craft Fest is the fourth annual event in the event, and the first to feature the Southern Farm Bureau, which is an association of the Southern food industry.

The Food Council is a member organization.

The South is a regional food, farm and agriculture trade association representing Southern farmers, processors, growers, and food service workers.

The organization also provides a range of services to its members.

Southern craft is a style of barbecue where meats are smoked over charcoal and ground to a medium-rare, dry rub before being finished on a spit.

The product is then smoked over a charcoal grill and finished in a dry rub.

Southern bbqs are traditionally made with a variety of meats and sauces that are cooked over a wood-burning stove, but the traditional style is popular in more recent years.

There are more than 400 Southern craft restaurants in the United States.

Southern food and bbQ events are a great way to enjoy some of Washington’s most popular foods and celebrate the Southern heritage.

If you’re in the area and would like to join the festivities, click here to learn more about Southern Craft.

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