Ben Franklin was a master craftsman, a master of many crafts.

He loved wood, pottery, leather, glass and metal.

His craft was all about bringing the natural beauty of the land and people of the Old World to the American mind.

Franklin was also a master at branding his creations.

His first business venture was the Franklin Branding Co. in the 1800s.

The company made a name for itself by marketing products and services to the local communities, and Franklin himself even created a nickname for himself for his products.

The brand was so successful that he sold the company in 1882.

Franklin would sell the business to other companies over the years.

He also had other companies sell their wares to the public, and he was the founder of the Franklin & Teller Company.

In 1868, Franklin and Teller bought the property that became the Franklin’s Tavern and Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. They renamed it the Teller’s and Franklin’s Pub.

Franklin sold the name in 1890, and the Tellers continued to operate the business.

In the early 1900s, the Tells began selling Franklin’s and Tellys products to the community.

They also sold to other businesses, including the Washington Post.

Franklin &amps trademark was first used in 1913.

Franklin’s Brewery and Tavern was founded in 1910, and in 1921, Franklin <s Brewing Co. was formed.

Franklin made a living as a wine producer in the early 20th century.

He even had a winery in the area.

In 1876, Franklin was given a loan of $250 by the Virginia government.

In 1927, the United States government decided to put Franklin &ams Brewery on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 1928, Franklin donated the building that used to house the Telling’s and the Franklin Brewing Co to the Smithsonian Institution.

He is buried in Washington, DC.

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