Crafts that are easy to clean, and they work on Halloween can be an amazing way to keep people entertained.

Here are eight of our favorite Halloween craft ideas that are super easy to get right and work on the holiday.


Pumpkin Cone Make your pumpkin cones big with these cute pumpkin shapes.

You can also make these adorable pumpkin-shaped snowman cones with a cute snowman in the middle.


Pumpkin Glass Ornament With this craft, you can make a festive and whimsical display of your favorite holiday traditions.

Use it as a decorative centerpiece or just hang it up on your wall to create an entertaining gift.


Pumpkin Bowl For this craft you’ll need a pumpkin bowl, and some pretty glitter.

You’ll need to make a large bowl and make sure it’s big enough for a couple of people.


Candy Floss With this one, you’ll be able to make your own candy with some colorful glitter.

Just cut it up and put it in a jar with some glitter.


Pumpkin Carved Snowman This festive snowman is super easy and cute.

Just make a carved snowman out of a piece of paper and cut it out.


Pumpkin Cake This cute cake will look great on the table or even on the counter.

Just place it on top of some candy to create a cute little decoration.


Pumpkin Flower Candy This candy flower is so pretty, and it’s perfect for the holiday season.

Just use a candy flower to decorate your gift.


Pumpkin-shaped Snowman With this festive snowmen, you get to add some extra sparkle to your holiday decorations.

You could make one of these and put them on the wall in the snow.

Enjoy the holiday decorations with your friends and family!

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