There is no shortage of preschools around the country with their own unique crafts.

But the new preschool project that is taking the craft world by storm is one that is more than just a way to decorate the walls.

The preschool is a way for children to create their own world by making their own toys and creating their own stories.

In this first-of-its-kind preschool project, children are using a tool to make a playground out of the inside of their own bodies.

In an exclusive interview with The Associated Press, a few of the preschoolers who are working on the project are sharing the tools they are using to make their playground out.

“When we start making our playground, it’s not just the tools that we use, it is the way we make our playground that we create a playground for our kids,” said Lila Vazquez, who is working on a second playground at the new program.

The new preschool program at a preschool in New York City has been dubbed the playground of the future.

When I got the job, I had to think about what would happen to the playground.

I didn’t know how long it would be.

What would be the number of kids that would come?

So I thought about how I would put my skills in place so that I would not be there long enough to know.

I thought I would just put my hands on the top of the playground, and then I would get back to work on the bottom of the building.

This is the first preschool I’ve ever worked on in my life.

I worked at the preschool when I was a preschooler, so I really loved the experience of it.

The experience of creating the playground was the most fun I’ve had with a playground.

There was just no way that I could have made this thing without having the tools, without having my hands in the right place, and with the right level of control.

I worked on this project because I love making things, I love to be creative.

I love creating, and I love seeing my kids in their creative ways, and it just seems like a perfect time for a new preschool, because I am not really a part of it anymore.

There’s a lot of kids here, and a lot more kids are interested in doing something creative with their bodies, so the preschool was like a way of doing that.

The whole thing was about doing something that is really important to them.

I really want to do it to be more than an exercise for kids, I want it to really be an expression of the joy of being a parent, to express that we’re here for each other and our kids and to create something together.

One of the parents in the program said that this is a great way for preschoolers to explore their own body and to be able to share their own creations.

“The kids are really excited about the project, they are very creative.

They are making the playground out in their own imaginations, and they are making something out of their bodies,” said Rosario Gomez, a preschool teacher at the school.

At the new kindergarten in New Jersey, the children are experimenting with new toys and making their toys with different materials.

As the playground gets larger, the teachers and staff at the first kindergarten say they are finding that more and more of the kids are creating their playgrounds on their own.

A group of preschoolers at a new kindergarten project in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The first kindergarten is being run at a school in New Bern, New Brunswick.

The staff at this school are exploring new materials and ways to create new toys.

They have created a playground from scratch with new materials that are all designed to be easy for kids to use.

(Courtesy of Elizabeth Miller/ABC News) This preschool project is not the first time the children of New Jersey have used their bodies to create a new playground.

In fact, the first playground was created back in 2007 by a group of children at a New Jersey preschool.

The children created a different playground, using materials and materials they were given at a local library, according to the Associated Press.

These new preschool projects are taking the art world by surprise.

In a video of the first project, which is taking place at a community preschool in St. Albans, New York, children play in the woods and create a tree house from the inside out.

“I think that’s what we’re all excited about, to see that our own children are creating something out there for their own children,” said Andrea Zukin, who works at the kindergarten in St Albans.

“What’s exciting about this is that it’s really creating the kind of spaces that we want to have.

It’s kind of a playground that I want to be a part and not just a part.”

The new kindergarten at the New Jersey community preschool was designed to help young children explore and share their creativity.

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