The author of this article is an American motorcycle enthusiast.

I am writing this article to share my personal experience with building my own custom Harley- Davidson custom bike.

In the coming months, I will be releasing more detailed and comprehensive reviews of custom Harley custom motorcycles.

 As I wrote about my first custom Harley, I wanted to share what I learned with you. 


You have to start with a basic bike that can handle the load and is designed for riding.

I built my first Harley for a friend’s birthday party. 

I made my bike from the ground up.

I had to start small, because I had no idea how much torque I was going to get from my new bike.

I bought a few old Harley parts that were already on the bike, and I modified a couple of other parts, like the exhaust.

I made my own exhaust and mufflers from scratch, and cut up old parts from an old bike.

The Harley I built is one of the most powerful custom motorcycles I have ever built.

I’m glad I did it because it made me more confident when riding it. 2.

A good Harley needs to be versatile and reliable. 

A good Harley should have a lot of power, but I’ve found that a lot less power is necessary for riding a custom bike than for riding stock.

I would also say that a Harley should be able to handle a lot more power if it has enough horsepower to go with it.

The power of a custom Harley is a function of the powertrain.

A stock Harley has about the same power as a Honda, but the Honda engine has been upgraded to produce more torque.


I didn’t take into account the weight of my new custom Harley.

My Harley has been sitting around at home for months, so I didn`t realize how heavy it was going be.

I took into account how much weight it would need to be for a ride, and how much power it would require to get the bike rolling.

I did make sure to take into consideration the weight.


You can get custom bikes for around $1000, but most people start with less than $600. 

This is because a Harley is designed to be used on a bike that is more of a street bike, not a motorcycle for everyday use.

A Harley has the same engine, suspension, and brakes as a regular Harley, but you can get a custom motorcycle for about $1000.

I started with a small, stock, mid-size Harley.

I got a custom paint job and a set of custom parts.

The parts I purchased were not necessary, but they helped make my custom bike look more attractive.

I added a few more custom parts, and the bike got bigger.

I also bought a couple more parts that I don’t need anymore.

I started by buying a new rear tire.

After that, I went to a local bike shop and bought a set that would fit my new Harley.

They also have a small parts shop, and they have some custom parts they can use for you.

After I got the parts, I painted the bike black and had a new exhaust system installed.

I ended up with a custom, custom-built bike that weighed in at about 600 pounds.


A new bike should have as much suspension as the old bike, but if you are riding stock, you need more.

I chose a set made by a motorcycle company called Swayz.

They have an easy-to-use online tool called Bontrager, which is essentially a website that allows you to order a set.

I used the Swayzes BontRager tool to order the parts for my new Honda, and it was able to put together a set for about half the price of the Bontrogers tool.

You should have the same suspension as your old bike if you plan to ride on it.

If you ride on a stock Harley, you should be riding on a Harley that has more suspension than you are.


A custom Harley should weigh less than stock. 

At the time of this writing, my new-custom-built Harley weighs around 600 pounds and it has the weight distribution of a stock bike.

If I were riding a stock Honda, I would probably ride on the same frame size as a stock Suzuki.

If my new frame was a different size, I might ride on something like a Kawasaki.


You want to make sure your Harley has a good engine. 

You want to get a stock engine that has plenty of power and can handle a full range of powertrains. 

If you don’t have a good powertrain, you don`t want to be riding a Harley.

Your Harley shouldnt be riding around on the street.

If it`s a stock motorcycle, you can go for a street-legal Harley and still

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