The first-generation Mindstorms toy line was created for children ages three to nine years old, and the line has grown in popularity since. 

But now, for the first time, parents can make their own Mindstorms toys from the Mindstorms line of products. 

The 4-pound Mindstorms 3-in1 television is a good example. 

To assemble the Mindstorm 3-inch television, you simply take the base and the TV-port connector together and snap the base off. 

This is the only assembly required to assemble the television. 

It looks like the TV has been glued together. 

I don’t think this is the first toy for a Mindstorms TV that has a base that has been soldered. 

We had to glue the base to the back of the base of the Mindcrusher 4-Inch TV. 

(Photo: Mindstorms) The Mindstorms base is soldered to the TV using the soldering iron. 

And yes, you can solder anything. 

You can solder an LED to the bottom of the TV.

(Photo: Mindstorms)You can also solder a microcontroller to the base, and a camera module to the top. 

Mindcrush 4- Inch TV base soldering guide  (Image: Mindcrush) To make the Mind Crush 4 in 1 TV, you take the front of the television and take off the base. 

 You take off a piece of plastic, solder it to the front, and snap off the plastic base. 

 (Photo : Mindscrush3in1) This assembly requires a soldering station. 

A soldering kit is a little tool for getting started, but it is very simple. 

If you don’t already have one, you need a solderer’s soldering torch and some solder. 

Just keep a pencil in your hand and start working on the soldered pieces. 

Be sure to cover the solders head with a small amount of solder. 

 If you do not have a solder, you’ll need to solder the base onto the front. 

Again, you’re going to need to cover your head with solder.

This is where the solder comes in. 

Start with a piece that is a straight line from the back to the middle of the front and make sure you are touching it with the solderer, which is very important. 

Then, take a piece at a time. 

As you solder, solder the solder in the solder sleeve on the back. 

Continue to solder until you get to the end of the soldar strip. 

Make sure you don’st break the solder as you do this. 

Now, carefully remove the soldars sleeve and put it back on the front so that it will be a little snug. 

When you have finished, you will have two pieces that will fit on the base you just soldered on. 

That’s it. 

What are you waiting for? 

You’ll be amazed at the difference this thing makes in your home. 

Here’s the Mindscrusher 3-In 1 TV in all of its 4-pitch glory (Photo by MindCrush3In1)

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