NEW YORK — Annies crafts is a small boutique shop located in the basement of the historic East Village loft where her grandfather lived for almost 60 years.

Annie and her husband, Scott, opened Annies Craft, which is the latest addition to a growing family business.

The couple started Annies crafts in 2004, when Annies was only 13 years old, after their grandmother passed away.

It’s been a steady journey, Annies said, from a simple craft store to an iconic New York institution.

“We have two employees now and one of them is my husband, who has been here for 50 years,” Annies recalled.

In the early days, Annie and Scott used to sell everything from jewelry to handmade handbags, but now they are expanding to make more of their product available to the public.

There are now more than 200 different Annies products available on the Annies website, and there are even plans to add new items in the future.

After all, if you want to impress your friends and family, there is a new Annies store in the works.

 “We love the idea of having something for everybody, and so we’re going to open a brand new store in New York,” Annie said.

New York City is known for its art, design, fine dining and the food scene, but it also has an art and design scene as well.

With Annies craft store, Annys hopes to bring the best of both worlds together, with an artful look that will appeal to everyone from children to adults.

“There’s something about a handmade product, especially handmade with your own hands,” Annes said.

“And you know, I think a lot of people like to be creative with their craft.

So I think that’s what we’re trying to bring to people.”

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