The Indian Army on Friday declared a day of mourning over the Om Puran attack on the temple of Lord Buddha.

The army’s General Staff said the attack was a “terrorist attack” and a “terror attack”.

“The ‘Osras’ are an army of savages.

They have attacked the temple on a holy day of worship and have not only killed a human being but a Buddha too,” General Staff spokesman Lt.

Gen. Ranbir Singh told reporters.

“The Army is taking necessary steps to neutralise the ‘Osr’ menace and defeat them,” he said.

Singh also said that the “Osr” have attacked many places in the country and even “killed innocent civilians” in the course of their activities.

The army has been carrying out operations in the jungles and hills of Kashmir in the last two weeks in response to the attacks on the temples and pilgrims.

The “Osrs” are the indigenous tribe who are believed to live in the hills of Pakistan and are allied to the Haqqani Network.

The attack on Monday also targeted the Jammu and Kashmir state police station in Srinagar, killing at least two officers.

The state police had responded to an alarm on the spot by an unknown group of attackers and opened fire.

The Jammu-Srinagar Highway is considered the most important highway in the state.

The attack has prompted many people to flee the area to avoid further bloodshed.

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